Dear Members, 

Your membership in the Estate Planning Council of Calgary will expire on September 1 2021.  Renewal instructions are below.

We are excited to resume a full program season, with in person and online content for each event.  In person offerings will be the primary focus and offered to the extent AHS restrictions permit, which currently allows for pre-Covid19 capacity.  For our kick off on October 4 2021 we will have a Supper Social to reconnect with colleagues.  November 1 we will have our AGM as well as a presentation "How the Philanthropic Discussion is Good for Business" presented by Kevin Davidson of Abundance Canada, and our Christmas party in December. Stay tuned for updates and the full calendar of events.  

Finally, we currently have three Board vacancies we need to fill in order to meet Bylaws/Quorum Specifically, we need to fill a professional make up of a CLU, and two of any category which can include an additional CLU.  Please let us know if  you are willing to sit on the board for this upcoming year.


Jason Jack, President EPCC 
(403) 620-3183


$240 Annual Fee + $50/ In-person event

  • Online content is included in the annual fee for Members (no event fee)
  • Members may bring a guest at $85/ event

To Renew:

  1. Go to  http://www.epccalgary.com/sys/profile

  2. Login in to the site (if not automatic) using your E-mail address and Password

  3. Select the "Renew" button

  4. Review your Profile information and make any corrections if necessary  

  5. Select  “Update and next” button

  6. Once you have selected "Update and next" review your fees and pay online with the “Pay online” button.  Alternatively, you may select “Invoice me” to receive an emailed invoice with instructions to pay via cheque

**NOTE: If you wish to pay a discounted lump sum of $480 which grants you access to all events (you must still register for each event at no charge), please do NOT use the online renewal process, but rather email us HERE to let us know and an invoice will be returned to you to submit online payment, once payment is received your renewal is complete. 

Forgot Password? Please visit our website at  http://www.epccalgary.com/sys/profile  You will see a Login box in the upper right corner.  Click on the link "Forgot Password".  Enter your E-mail address and the security code displayed, then click "Submit". You will receive an email containing a one-time encrypted link that will enable you to set your Password for the new website.  Please remember your Password.

Because the membership renewal process is automated, please try to pay your dues promptly.  You will receive automated reminders until your renewal is complete.  Approximately 45 days after September 1 2021, if you have not renewed your membership will automatically lapse and you will be unable to log in to the website or register for events.

If you have difficulty renewing your membership or you do not wish to renew your membership, please contact the Membership Committee Chair at membershipchair@epccalgary.com.

Membership and all related privileges are non-transferable. 

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