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Estate planning council of calgary


Eligibility for Membership

To be eligible for membership in the Estate Planning Council of Calgary, you must:

  1. Have a minimum of 5 years estate planning experience. This estate planning experience should be a main focus as opposed to auxiliary to your profile of work.

  2. Have your place of business within the City of Calgary, Alberta;

  3. Be recommended for membership by a current member;

  4. Agree to abide by the Articles of Association of the Council; and

  5. Belong to one of the following five groups:
    • Barristers and Solicitors who are active members of the Law Society of Alberta and who are engaged in the public practice of law;
    • Chartered Professional Accountants who are active members of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta and who are engaged in the public practice of accounting;
    • Chartered Life Underwriters actively engaged in the marketing of life insurance and related products;
    • Trust Company Representatives employed by a trust company; and
    • Individuals of professions or businesses involved in estate planning who in the opinion of the Executive Committee are engaged in estate planning and are able to subscribe to the objects of the Council and would be compatible with the other members of the Council.

Membership Approval Process

The EPC Calgary Board meets several times each year. At each meeting, the Membership Chair presents pending applications to the Executive for approval. The Executive considers the total membership limit, the number of current members in the applicant’s category, the number of members associated with a particular firm, and the applicant’s qualifications and suitability as a member of the Council. Membership applications are approved at the discretion of the Executive.

Once approved as a member, you are expected to attend at least 2 meetings per year to keep your membership active.

Membership Limit

Membership in the Council is limited to a total of 150 active members, as well as Honorary and Life Members. The Council Executive strives to have an equal number of members in each of the professional categories.


Please see current fee structure.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Membership Chair.

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